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Clifden's "Sailing Secretary and P.R.O.'s" Report

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Report 20th November 2008
Well, our year is over ... we've had our AGM, in the form of an EGM this year to change the anual date.
We have a new committee for the 2009 season.
We had our "Laying-Up Supper" too ... that concludes our sheduled calendar .
We now have a new webmaster too. Bobbi will be posting the updated site soon.

In the meantime the Volvo Ocean Race is well under way. Click on the link in the right-hand menu.

Report 11th November
Our end of year "Laying-Up Supper" is this Friday, the 14th Nov.
Tickets are available from Donal, in the Siopa Deas, for 15 euro each.
Tickets can also be reserved, by emailing me with your intended numbers,
then collected and paid for at the door on the night.
Numbers can be changed later but we need some idea for now to plan the night.
Your help with this is appreciated.

Email me now ...

Report 29th October
Kilrush October Series is over. Hallmark wins Class 3.
And that is the end of the "Dubarry West Coast Superleague 2008" ...
Class 3 and Overall Winner 2008 is our own HALLMARK.

Report 20th October
Notice of an EGM has been emailed and posted to all paid up CBC Members 2008.
Venue is the Club house at 8pm on Monday 10th November '08.

Report 10th October
The "Volvo Ocean Race" (aka the VOR) is about to start ... tomorrow, Saturday 11th Oct.
We have two Irish Teams entered in the eight yacht "Round the World Race".
The only Irish flaged yacht is the "Green Dragon" and they have their own website.
The other Irish yacht, "Delta Loyd", is flying the Dutch flag of their sponsors for this event.
I have placed links to the relevant websites for the "VOR" and the teams.
I have also placed a link to the "Let's do it Galway" site ... Galway is one of the Stop-overs.
These links can be found on the menue bar on the right.
Starting tomorrow the "Race Viewer" should be operational.

Report 3rd October
It's official, we have a new Race Officer for the next season. Paul Ryan has taken the job again ... he did it very well last time, so we can all look forward to it.
I believe, or rumor has it, that he has a new yacht in the pipe-line too. Well ware!

Report 21st September
Here's a report from Shaunna, of Imprint, about the first race evening of the Autumn Series:

"The Autumn Series began Thursday September 4th, and is expected to run every Tuesday and Thursday over the next few weeks. Imprint had a chance to redeem themselves a little with the light winds Thursday and all in all it was a brilliant race. Light winds make racing a lot more technical and more challenging in ways sailing in heavier winds does not. As a number of people have said to us, "anyone can sail a boat in heavy winds!". You're there trimming constantly, trying to squeeze the last bit of speed of your yacht, sometimes fighting tides and currents, often coming to a standstill, even moving sideways if your not careful. Now that's an odd sight! Yet whatever we were doing seemed to be working well for us for holding our own with spinnaker flying boats much to my delight. Hallmark had some spinnaker trouble so they gave us a chance to catch up and as we rounded the bottom marker Imprint and Hallmark dashed to the finish. Sails were sheeted in hard and we picked up speed. "I cant see hallmark!", was all that could be heard from our skipper, our headsail blocking his view. Sails tend do that a lot don't they? I took a peek and we were hurtling towards Hallmark's stern. "em you might want to veer starboard a little!" So it happened that we didn't ram Hallmark, but then I wonder if that was just some technique they were implying? Either way, it worked well for them as they crossed the finish line second to X-Rated, Imprint and Back draft after them. Shaunna-Imprint."

Report 11th September
Well, it seems the most recent race (tonight) was abandoned due to a lack of starters ...

I believe Imprint and Hallmark were the only yachts willing to go at it. But hey, that's just what I heard ... someone else tell me otherwise!!!!!!

On a whole other note ... there are three Irish teams entered in this years ARC ...
That's the "Atlantic Rally for Cruisers" ...
The names to watch are Cerys, Riot and Saskia ... and infairness, Saskia is GBR registered but her Skipper is out and out Irish !!! That'll be your own Damian.

Report 8th September
Poor turnout for the "Bofin Cruise" ... I think the weather deterred most. Having said that Hallmark crew sailed againt the strong northerly wind, making Bofin, in two and a half hours.
I took the RIB ... ... and Anthony took the ferry ...that made 7 for dinner.

Tonights Committee Meeting has been postponed till further notice next week.

I'm outta here on Wednesday ... So I'll be relying on your eamils or texts to keep me posted ...
... and thereby able to keep the rest of the memberships up to date.

Report 5th September
We had our first race of the Autumn Series yesterday evening.
And here are the Results of Race 1 ... IRC and ... ECHO

Report 4th September
This just in from Shaunna:
"In challenging conditions, Galway Bay Sailing Club held their regatta form the 8th-10th August. Imprint, a family yacht, guided by Hallmark, made the 10hr trip from Clifden Bay to Renville Bay for this event. I thought it was brilliant. Even though only having a small taste of sea faring, I felt like I could keep going forever, just sail out into the seemingly endless ocean. But alas we had a regatta to compete in! Despite being the only boat in our class, it was at best a challenge to secure 1st place. My family and I, crewing Imprint, didn't have the weight to keep her down. Constantly overpowered, we ended up damaging our main and headsail, while running a high risk of being thrown overboard, (the railings saved me three times!!!). So how did we overcome this? Normally in strong winds we'd have to retire, but this time we had a better idea…. The puzzled looks we received from our Hallmark friends were well justified as we dropped our main and continued on the race course, powered solely by headsail. At last we had control of Imprint, the flask of tea was whiped out. And so we finished the regatta, and a few days later headed for home. I began to fully appreciate the need for decent sailing gear. The rain was our constant companion on the leg home, I was soaked and numb within an hour. Yet once I was on land, and could feel my toes, I realised I'd do it all over again. Maybe with a pair of du Barry's next time…" Shaunna-Imprint.

And here's some photos from the last race of our regatta ... from Mike P.
He say's the evening wasn't great and he's new to the camara but he's working on it.

And the only photos, so far, of Hallmark's New Spinaker:

Report 29th August
Just got word that:
The IWA (Irish Windsurfing Association) are having there fifth windsurfing slalom event this year in Salthill, 6/7th Sep '08. Numbers are on the increase, July event had almost 100 racing Biggest ever. Our own James Kane got roped in to do rescue for the weekend. He hopes to have some good pics.

Report 28th August
We just had the fourth race of our "Extended Local Regatta" ... two of our new reporters were on the water too ... awaiting photos and reports from them ... as soon as I get them, I'll put them up here ... looking forward to it. The full results are also on the menu bar on the left.
Race 4 ... IRC ... and ECHO
Overall ... IRC ... and ECHO

Report 27th August
Ok, Aaron has agreed to continue sending reports and photos, as has Mike and Shaunna.
There's no need to wait for the 2009 season either, as soon as I get reports I'll post them here.
Thanks in advance guys.

And here's what's coming up in the near future... in order of appearence:
Our Autumn Series (Yacht Racing) is due to start next Tuesday evening, 2nd Sept,
We have our Bofin Flotilla the weekend of 5th-7th Sept, combining both Powerboats and yachts,
The "Blue Cup Regatta" in Greece, 1st to 9th Nov ... yes, our club now has a team entered, and
Our new AGM date (in the form of an EGM this year) is early Nov (Monday 10th I think, TBC).
The end of season, "Laying-Up Supper", is planned for Friday 14th Nov.

Report 26th August
And here are the results of Race 3 of our "Extended Local Regatta".
Race 3 ... IRC ...and ECHO
Next scheduled race, Race 4, is next Thursday 28th.

Ideas for the 2009 season ...
I would lke to get some more input from other active members (like Aaron has been doing).
I would like to get a Correspondent from each angle, or every corner if you like, of our club.
My thoughts are a "Power Boat Correspondent" (I think Aaron would be good to follow up on what he has been doing),
A "Junior Correspondent" (I think Mike P should do this),
A "New Comers Correspondent", or White Sails if you like (and I think Angela or Shaunna, from Imprint, would be good at this)
And a "Committee Correspondent" (I think Bobbi would be great at this).

I would like to stay on as "News Editor", or what ever my various titles are, for the 2009 season.
Unfortunately I'm away from September to May almost full time this winter ...
But email works for me and I can upload from where ever I am ... if ye can do this for me I can stay intouch with our club and pass the info on to the rest of our membership.

All that's needed is a little note, of any event, from your point of view (and picis if you like, those that Aaron sent are taken by mobile phone, that method works just fine).
Please email me with your thoughts ... ... especially those names I suggested.

Report 26th August
And the lads were fishing this weekend ...
" Here r some pictures of me and Vinnie doing some bottom fishing.
We caught 1 ray , 2 dog fish , 1 mackeral and 1 whiteing" ... Aaron.

Report 20th August
Yesterday evening saw the second yacht race of the "Extended" Regatta.
Below are the results for both races:

Race 1 IRC ... and ECHO
Race 2 IRC ... and ECHO

Report 20th August
OK ... I have the results for the Dinghy Race on Sunday:

1st Mike Prendergast and Fiachra Clarke
2nd Ryan Hehir
3rd Amy and Daniel Whelan

And Clifden's "Best Improver (Juniors) 2008" went to Mike Prendergast.

Report 17th August
Today one yacht race was held ... in strong winds ... then it was decided to postpone the other three planned races to future dates.
One dinghy race was held today also ... I don't have the results to hand at the moment but will post them here soon.
The next three yacht races will be one on Tuesday next the 19th August Start Gun at 7.30pm, with a short briefing beforehand at 7pm ... no racing on Thursday 21st (Pony Show Day) ... and then the following Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th in the evenings also.

Report 16th August
Todays's racing was abandoned due to strong winds. We'll try again tomorrow, although the forcast isn't great.

Report 15th August
The Notice of Race for our Annual Regatta has been ammended ... click here.

Report 14th August
Our Annual Regatta is here ... and so is the Notice of Race for it ... click here.

Report 28th July (Courtesy of Aaron)

"Well here some news at last!
Big powerboat fishing competition yesterday at Clifden boat club.
We all met in the club at 12ish where we all had breaky and the rules were handed out.
Fishing area was from Knock point to Craugh Island and from 1 o'clock to5 o'clock back in for the weigh in. Prizes for the biggest / heaviest fish and the most Species. Fierce fishing went on in the Atlantic Biggest fish went to Thomas Davis with a Ray weighing in at 8lbs, second to Rodney with a Ray weighing 5lbs. I myself thought my 5lb Pollack was going to win. Most species went to Vince and his crew John B, Thomas Davis well done boys. They caught 2 species of Ray, Pollack, Mackerel, and Wrasse.
A great turn out for the first power boat outing, Sea Witch, Rodney,Paul, Vince and a new comer Simon and all the crew I counted 17 or 18.
So well done Rodney and where r we going next!

Report 24th June '08
I've just got home from another Trans-Atlantic ... Nobody has emailed me with any news, so I have nothing to report at this time.

Report 7th May '08
OK folks ... not much to report at the moment ... Let's make a mention of what's up and comming
Daniel Whelan will be running the "Clubhouse Bar & Restuarant" this season.

I believe he will be open for business this weekend.

The first "Superleague Event" of 2008 is this weekend in Foynes, Limerick.
I'm not sure if any others but Hallmark will be attending to represent Clifden.

The same weekend is the Inis Bofin Arts Festival.

The following weekend is Clifden's Flotilla to Bofin, incorporating both Powerboats and Yachts.

I personally will be away for a while, so i won't have all the news first hand ...
But if you (or anyone) can email me with your news and views on events (or anything else) I will post it here ... so please keep me informed and I can keep all other members informed.

Drop me a line at

Report 25th April '08
Tonight is our "Start of Season Doo". Food and Drinks in the Clubhouse.

Report 23rd April '08
The Sailing Instructions for the RNLI League are now posted on the left menu bar ...
As is an Ammendment to both the NoR and SIs also on the left menu bar.
The Entry Form is also now on the left menu bar.

Report 10th April '08
The "Wednesday Evening Work Parties" have been going well ... fair play to those who have been turning up, alot has been done. We still need MORE VOLUNTEERS to turn up next wednesday in particular, as there are only two weeks left before the "Start of Season Doo" (Friday 25th April) and alot of cleaning up still needs to be done.

Ammendment to Notice of Race for the RNLI League is now posted on the left menu
bar ... basically as the yachts have not yet been launched (new launch date is Sunday 20th April), the start date has been postponed til Tuesday 22nd April.

Report 21st March '08
We have a new Race Officer, Bobbi O Regan, and Assistant Race Officer, Kenny Flaherty.
T minus 3 weeks to the scheduled start of our RNLI League, Thursday 10th April.
Click here for the Notice of Race ... and it's also on the menu bar on the left.
Is your yacht ready to launch? Do you have your RACING CERTS in order?

Report 14th March '08
As of a recent Committee Meeting, here's the latest ...
1. The Clubhoiuse lease is now being advertised. We're looking for someone to run the Clubhouse for the 2008 season.
2. Werner needs names NOW of anyone interested in the Blue Cup Reggatta, in Greece, Nov '08.
The yachts need to be booked now. He has crew for one yacht so far. Anyone else???
3. Wednesday evenings, for the next few weeks, are designated "Work Party" evenings.
There is alot of work (cleaning/painting) needed to be done to the clubhouse before opening. We are asking anyone who can spare the time to turn up and you will be given a brush (or something).

Report 4th March '08
The West Coast Championships "Notice of Race" is officially out and yachts are already entering.

Report 24th Feb '08
We now have a dedicated section within the Clifden Boat Club Website for all information on the "West Coast Championships 2008" ... past and present ... including On-Line Entry, an Accommodation List, a list of currently Entered Yachts (to check your competition), Contact Information and the "Notice of Race" ... and of course all the results will be posted there after each days racing.
Click here or on the menu bar on the right to go straight to that section.

Report 20th Feb '08

After our AGM we now have a new committee for 2008 ... already working hard.
All the latest developements and news will be posted here ... the rest of our club website is being updated at the moment ...
The 2008 Officers can be found on the "Club Contact" page.
The 2008 Memberships Form can be found at the bottom of the "Membership" page.
The 2008 Dinghy Registration Form can be found on the "Dinghy Sailing Courses" page.
The 2008 Events Dates will be on it's page shortly ... for now you can download it HERE.

Report 15th Feb '08
Notice is hereby given convening an Extraordinary General meeting (EGM)
Of the West of Ireland Offshore Racing Association (WIORA)
On Saturday morning the 8th of March, 2008 At 11.00
At the Bunratty Castle hotel, Bunratty, Co. Clare.

Report 13th Feb '08
The new Dinghy Registration Form for the Sailing Courses for the 2008 season is HERE.

Report 11th Feb '08
Congratulations to Damian Foxall and Jean Pierre Dick for winning the Barcelona World Race.
Damian Foxall, making history as, the first Irish person to win a round the world yacht race.
Checkout the full story on

Report 9th Feb '08
Of course with a new year means time to renew your memberships ...
Click here to download the 2008 Memberships Form.
Print it out and post to:
Donal O'Scannaill, Beach Road, Clifden, Co. Galway.
Or hand it in to Donal in his shop on Market Street ... "An Siopa Deas".

Report 6th Feb '08
OK folks, we will have a new Dinghy Registration Form after our AGM next week ...
For now you can Download Here a Provisional Booking Form for the 2008 season.
Print it out and post it to:
Jackie Ward, Letternoosh, Clifden, Co. Galway.

Report 2nd Feb '08
And here we have a "Press Release" just out
about the WIORA & NORA West Coast Championships 2008 in Clifden.

Report 22nd Jan '08
Ireland's own, Damian Foxall, is still leading the double handed round the world race, as they make the final jump accross the Atlantic from Brazil ... check it out on

Report 18th Jan '08
The Clifden Boat Club AGM is on Monday 11th February 2008, at 8pm, in the Club House.

Report 11th Jan '08
And so we start a new year ... the AGM is coming up soon, then we will have our new fixtures list.

We do have an interesting idea now ... for next Nov ... a Regatta in Greece ...
we want to enter a Clifden Team ... for full details click here and read on.

End of 2007 News
Clifden takes the "Dubarry West Coast Superleague 2007" by storm.

Two Clifden yachts won their classes in the 2007 Superleague.

Class 3 was won by Hallmark, from Clifden,
Class 2 was won by Egalite, from Clifden,
Class 1 was won by Chaos, from Kilrush.

And the "Overall Title 2007" goes to Jackie Ward's "Hallmark" from Clifden Boat Club.

Full summary of the Superleague 2007 CLICK HERE.

Damian Ward … Clifden's Sailing Secretary and Race Officer.

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