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The three logos just above here represent the three headline events coming to Clifden Bay in 2011.
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Report 8th July 2011
The OSM 100 has arrived in Clifden Bay.
The results can be found by clicking here.

Report 23rd June 2011
The OSM 100 is a 100mile offshore race each year.
This year it starts at Fenit, Co. Kerry, on Friday 8th July at 7.30pm.
The finish will be at Clifden throughout Saturday pending winds and boat speeds etc.
Click here for the Notice of Race and click here for the Sailing Instructions for the event.
This doubles up as a "Feeder Race" for WIORA Clifden 2011. All yachts in the OSM 100 will also be racing in WIORA which is the following Wed 13th to Sat 16th July.

Report 30th May 2011
The Powerboat Racing Event scheduled for this weekend has changed slightly.
It is no longer Round 1 of the National Championships but "Thundercat Racing" is coming to town and not just for one day but for the weekend (Sat 4th& Sun 5th).
More can be found on our Powerboat Racing page soon
and on Thundercat Racing Ireland page www.thundercatracing.ie
and you can follow their chatter on facebook at www.facebook.com/thundercatracingireland

Report 15th April 2011
We are happy to welcome onboard, your hosts for the 2011 season,
Niall McCarthy and Patrick Howard.
They intend to be fully operational for the May Bank Holiday weekend.
That would be starting on Friday 29th April.
More from them soon on the 'Clubhouse' page ... Click here.

Report 29th January 2011
The official calendars for both the 'Circuit' and 'Offshore' ISA Powerboat Racing Events 2011 are now published.
To see the 'Circuit' calendar, which Clifden is listed on, Click here.
To see the 'Offshore' calendar Click here.

Report 12th January 2011
The more we get into the planning of an event the more we learn.
The latest for the Powerboat Racing Event coming to Clifden goes like so:
We have learned that this event is not just a Zapcat event, it is also open to other brand names (other makes) of Multi-Hull Inflatables. Hense the change in logo above, we do try our best to get it right. This Open Class is called the P750 class. We hope that this will bring more numbers.
The dates for this event are still in discussion but it now looks like the last weekend of May or the first weekend of June (Whit-Weekend). Watch this space.
This event is recognised as a National Championships event.
This means is it one of the eight events this year that carry the valuable points to decide who will be the National Champions for 2011.

Report 24th December 2010 ... Season's Greetings to you all. Have a good one.
Vincent McCormack of Foynes Yacht Club has organised a Regatta in Portugal end of February.
Six teams representing Clubs in Ireland. One from Dublin, two from Foynes, one from Tralee and one from Skerries.
There is one team spot available.
The cost for this weekend away is approx €500 per person. Six people in a team.
If you're interested full details are available can be read by clicking here.
If you want you can email me and I'll chase it up, warddamian@hotmail.com

Report 22nd December 2010
We have just had a confirmation from our local contact with 'Boat Angling Ireland' that they have chosen Clifden as their venue for one of their weekend outings in 2011.
This will be on the weekend of 10th/11th September 2011. We will be doing all we can to make sure it is a good one for them.

Report 30th November 2010
The ARC yachts (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) are on Day 9 of their crossing from the Canaries to St. Lucia.
I've been following the two Irish yachts 'White Whisper' and 'Fenix', the latter being a GBR flagged yacht that has been chartered by a crew from Howth Yacht Club.
'White Whisper' (a Grampian 34) is taking it handy towards the end of the fleet at the moment,
while 'Fenix' (a Swan 60) has been making better ground towards the front of the fleet.
I'm also watching some friends on 'Disco Inferno 3'. These guys made their first crossing on 'Disco 1' the same time as I did on 'Magic Number' in the ARC 2001.
Read their daily Bloggs below:
'White Whisper' (IRL), entry number 259, here .
'Fenix', entry number 41, here.
'Disco Inferno 3' entry number 45, here .

And see where they all are, on the On-Line Tracking, here.
On the left menu of the chart you can tick the yachts of interest and it will show their track (the route the have taken). It's interesting to see the big differences and how it pays off, or not.

Report 25th November 2010
Another report today.
The ISA (Irish Sailing Association) are looking for nominations for the Volunteer of the Year 2010 award. The deadline for submission is 30th November but it has to be submitted by a CLUB.
So, if you think there's someone who should be put forward let us know.
Email clifdenboatclub@hotmail.com by the end of this weekend to get it sorted.
Alternatively you can contact any of the committee by phone from the CONTACT page on the main menu above.
You can read the criteria the ISA will be looking for by clicking here
And you can get the Application for by clicking here.

Report 25th November 2010
Not much going on here, on the water, at this time of year.
What I will be bringing you is updates on the plans for the upcoming season in 2011.
In particular the three headline events (as per 3 logos above) and probably mostly about the first one for now, the Powerboat Racing event in May 2011.

Also, for a bit of Armchair Sailing for you all, I'll be following the only Irish Yacht entered in this year's ARC. That's the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (logo on Left).
As far as I can see from the entries list a yacht called 'White Whisper' is the only Irish Flagged boat ... beware, if your searching this yacht on the ARC site, there are two with this name, the other one is GBR registered. It is always possible that there are other Irish owned or Irish crewed yachts entered but I don't know of them (not yet anyway).
Additional Note on 26th: I have just found out that there is a GBR Flagged yacht called 'Fenix' which has been chartered by a crew from Howth Yacht Club.

The ARC actually started last Sunday, 21st Nov and the yachts are now on DAY 5 of their crossing from the Canaries to St. Lucia in the Caribbean.
You can read 'White Whisper's' daily logs by clicking here.
You can read 'Fenix's' daily logs by clicking here.
You can see where the fleet are and 'White Whisper (IRL)' which is ENTRY No259 and 'Fenix (GBR)' ENTRY No41 by clicking here.

Report 24th November 2010
From now on the news will be reported here not on our old page. The old page has now been archived with the previous years on the menu on the left.

Report 20th November 2010
We had our AGM last Monday and from that we have a new committee for the up coming season 2010/2011. Full details can be found on the contact page on the main menu bar, left to right, at the top of this page, or click here.

As you may, or may not, have noticed we are also re-jigging the website a bit.
The new page for the WIORA West Coast Championships 2011 is now up and running and can be accessed from the menu on the right, along with the archived regattas.

Report 19th November 2010
While this page is being worked on you can still go to the old news page, click here.
It can also be found archived, along with previous years, on the left hand menu.


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