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Sail Training 2011

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If you, or yours, have particapated before and just want to book,
The Dinghy Booking Form for the 2011 season is here now
To download this pdf form, click here.

You can contact our Senior Instructor
for full details of any / all courses,
by email sailconnemara@hotmail.com

Having said that, all booking forms and deposits / full payments
should be forwarded to our Club Treasurer, Paul Passemard.

All cheques should be made payable to Clifden Boat Club and,
with a copy of booking forms,
posted to Paul Passemard, Sky Road, Clifden, Co. Galway.
Again, click here for the 2011 Booking Form.

Course sizes are determined by an ISA student to instructor ratio of 6:1
As well as that, CBC prefers to keep a 'Quality of Course' rather than a 'quantity of student'.

The first six places are available, by way of our in-house Senior Instructor.
The second six places are available by way of a second, hired-in, instructor for that week, if available.
The third six places, the max at the moment determined by our training fleet, is available on demand (only if instructor available).

These ratios are based on entry level students (level 1 or 2). For level 3 type students we can enlarge the course size.

This Booking's Reference Chart was last updated 28th June 2011.
Red: means space has been booked and deposit received. Yellow: means booked pending receipt of deposit.
Green: means spaces available. Dark Orange/Brown: means probably available. Light Orange: means may be available.

Week 1
20-24 June
Week 2
26 June-1 July
Week 3
4-8 July
Week 4
11-15 July
w i o r a   w e e k - r e g a t t a
Week 5
18-22 July
Week 6
25-29 July
Week 7
1-5 Aug
Week 8
8-12 Aug
Week 9
15-19 Aug
Week 10
22-26 Aug