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in Clifden
Calendar of Events 2017
The Month of December 2016
The Month of January 2017
The Month of February
The Month of March
Intervarsity Sailing March - 9th, 10th & 11th
Sunday refresher sailing day March - 12th
St Patrick's Day parade March - 17th
Boardwalk Cafe for World Down Syndrome Day March - 21st
Sunday Dinghy Sailing Sessions March - 26th
Suggested Early Lift-In date - HW of 4.6m at 19:15hrs March - Wednesday 29th
Easter Adventure Camp March -
The Month of April
Open Evening April - 7th
Suggested Lift-In date - HW of 4.7m at 18:52hrs April - Thursday 27th
The Month of May
Traditional Boats in Clifden May - 13th &14th
Suggested Late Lift-In date - HW of 4.7m at 18:32hrs May - Friday 26th
The Month of June
Safety Boat Course June - 12th
CBC to Support Western Alzheimer's Rowing to Westport June - 17th
The Month of July
Brazilian Capoeira Weekend July - 12th
The Month of August
Clifden Regatta August 12th & 13th
August Inish Bofin Regatta
The Month of September
Suggested Early Lift-Out date HW of 4.6m at 19:00hrs September 21st - Thursday
The Month of October
Suggested Lift-Out date HW of 4.6m at 19:10hrs
Sun set approx 19:00 ... dark by 19:30
October 7th - Saturday Mayo Sailing Club's lift-out date
Suggested Lift-Out date HW of 4.4m at 18:35hrs
Lift-out should start at 16:30 to be finished by dark
Sun set approx 18:30 ... dark by 19:00
October 20th - Friday Update Thursday 19th October
Postponed until Friday 3rd November
Please contact Tony Whelan for details.
End of Season Social night - Wine & Cheese Night October 22nd - Sunday - 6:30pm
The Month of November
Suggested Late Lift-Out date HW of 4.7m at 17:50hrs
Sun set approx 17:00 ... dark by 17:30
Next big tide is Dec 3rd at 16:46 and sun set at 16:20
November 5th - Sunday
CBC Annual General Meeting 2017

Was -November 27th - Monday

Changed to Wed 29th November

Clifden Regatta

Clifden Boat Club

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