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The 1907 Cup


Clifden Regatta 2020
Sat & Sun, 8th & 9th August
in Clifden

Clifden Regatta

Clifden Boat Club

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"Clifden Boat Club - Annual Regatta"

The weekend of 8th & 9th August 2020.

It is intended to run a two day event, on Saturday and Sunday

"Notice of Race"

It is intended to run races for Cruisers and Dinghies
It is intended to run 2 races for Cruisers on each day
It is intended to run multiple races for dinghies on Sunday only
It is intended to have a "Skipper's Briefing" for Cruisers at 1pm on each day
It is intended to have a "Briefing" for Dinghies at 11:30am on Sunday
It is intended to have the first start signal for Cruisers by 2pm each day.
It is intended to have the first start signal for Dinghies by 12noon on Sunday.
More details and any changes to this event will be announced
at the first Skipper's Briefing at 1pm on Saturday, and may be updated again on Sunday

"Sailing Instructions"

Keep it simple, Rule No 1: Avoid Collision at all costs.

The "IRPCS" always apply while you are afloat.
That's the International Regulations Preventing Collisions at Sea.

The "RRS 2017-2020" apply while racing.
That's the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Clifden Boat Club's "Club Rules" always apply,
these are posted in the stairwell of the clubhouse.
If in doubt about any of the above ... refer to
Rule No1: Avoid Collision at all costs.

Dinghy Results
We are not intending to run mixed dinghy class,
so Portsmouth Yardstick not in operation.
Results for Dinghies will be in class, so first accross the line wins that race (pending protests).

Cruiser Results
ECHO handicap system ONLY will be in use.
The ECHO to be used for each participating Cruiser
is at Sole Discretion of the "Officer of the Day" (OOD or Race Officer)
Any questions to the ECHO given by the "OOD", to any participating Cruiser,
must be acompanied by a valid ECHO cert before the start of racing

It is intended to announce the results and present prizes
As Soon As Possible after racing has finished.
This is currently planed for 6pm on Sunday
Prizes for each race and class are absolutely at the discretion of the CBC Committee

Cruiser Entries will be taken at the Skippers Briefing at 1pm
Cruisers entry fee is ONLY €30 for the two days.
Dinghies entry fee is ONLY €10 per sailor for the event.

Cruisers Contact Damian Ward for more information on 087-241 85 69.
Dinghies Contact Pascal Marinot on 087-260 17 43.

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